IASC Working Groups (WGs) encourage and support science-led international programs by offering opportunities for planning and coordination, and by facilitating communication and access to facilities. Cross-Cutting Projects encourage to explore activities which straddle disciplinary lines. They are funded by at least two of the five IASC Working Groups: Atmosphere WG (AWG), Cryosphere WG (CWG), Marine WG (MWG), Social & Human WG (SHWG), and Terrestrial WG (TWG). Since 2021, projects that include Russian researchers and / or focus on research in the Russian Arctic, can be co-funded by the International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic (ISIRA).  For cross-cutting activities before 2019, please browse our online collection of yearbooks, the IASC Bulletin.

IASC publishes a call for cross-cutting projects every year in January. The next call for proposals will be published in December 2021 / January 2022.


Project TitleProject StatusYear FundedIASC Working Group / Committee
Changing Artic rivers’ behavior: what is the Inuit perception? Upcoming 2021  CWG, SHWG, TWG
The Contribution of the Reproductive Health and the Quality of the Arctic Environment Upcoming 2021  SHWG, ISIRA
Global ecological and economic connections in Arctic and sub-Arctic crab markets Upcoming 2021  SHWG, ISIRA
International MOSAiC Science Conference Upcoming 2021  AWG, CWG, MWG
Enabling Early Career Scientist and/or Indigenous Participation in Internationally Cross-Platformed Research Cruises Upcoming  2021  MWGISIRA
Beavers and the borealisation of the Arctic: Understanding cascading social and biophysical change Upcoming  2021  SHWG, TWG
Karthaus Summerschool on Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Climate System Upcoming 2021  AWG, CWG
Co-creating Arctic Research together with Indigenous Rights holders Upcoming  2021  CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG, ISIRA
ArcticLight Network Upcoming  2021  CWG, MWG, TWG
Race and Systemic Bias Crosscutting Workshop Upcoming 2021  AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWGTWG
AGORA - A collaborative Arctic research community assessment of interactions between global change drivers, societies and subsystems through space and time Upcoming 2021  AWG, CWG, SHWG, TWG, ISIRA
Scientists and Educators Co-developing Education Outreach and Communication tools for The Polar Resource Book Upcoming 2021  AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWGISIRA
Indigenous-led Wildlife and Protected Area Management Upcoming 2021  MWG, SHWG, ISIRA
The 3rd International Conference on 'Polar Climate and Environmental Change in the Last Millennium' Upcoming  2020  CWGTWG
Trace Gas Action Workshop Upcoming   2020  AWG, CWGTWG 
Arctic YOPP Science Workshop 2020  Upcoming   2020  AWG, CWG, MWG
Linking multidisciplinary observations from Svalbard with the MOSAiC campaign  Upcoming   2020  AWG, CWG
Working Group: “Integrated Ecosystem Assessment of the Northern Bering Sea – Chukchi Sea (NBS-CS)”  Upcoming   2020  MWG, SHWG
Gordon Research Conference and Seminar for Polar Marine Science 2021  Upcoming   2020  MWG, SHWG
Coastal Arctic Science Teams (CoAST) Project  Upcoming   2020   AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG
Polar Archaeology Network (PAN) / Regional messenger, global message: the role of tangible cultural heritage in times of turbulence Completed   2020  SHWG, TWG
RATIC/T-MOSAiC Workshop at ASSW 2021: Request for cross IASC-Working-Group support for young investigators, indigenous, and industry representatives  Upcoming  / First part Completed   2020  CWGSHWG, TWG
Indigenous Methodologies in Collaborative Arctic Science   Upcoming   2020  AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG
BEPSII* Sea Ice School – Educating a new generation of sea-ice scientists at times of rapid changes in polar regions   Upcoming   2020   AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG
16th International Circumpolar Remote Sensing Symposium (16th ICRSS)    Upcoming   2020  AWG, CWGSHWG, TWG
Second PalaeoArc Conference    Completed    2020  CWG, MWG,TWG
High-latitude Fires, Arctic Climate, Environment, and health (HiFACE)    Upcoming   2020  AWGSHWG, TWG
Glacier - atmosphere interactions in a rapidly warming Arctic environment (NAG)   Upcoming    2020  AWG, CWG
6th Snow Science Winter School  Completed    2019  AWG, CWG, SHWG, TWG
Arctic urbanization and sustainable development  Completed    2019  AWG, SHWG, TWG
Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at sea-ice Interfaces
(BEPSII): Shedding light into linkages between the atmospherecryosphere
and ocean
Completed     2019  AWG, CWG, MWGSHWG
The Cryosphere and ATmospheric CHemistry (CATCH): Understanding interactions between atmospheric composition and environmental ice  Completed    2019  AWG, CWG, MWG 
Coastal Arctic Science Teams (CoAST) Project Completed     2019  AWG, CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG
Gender in Polar Research: Gendered field work conditions, epistemologies and legacies Upcoming 2019  CWG, MWG, SHWG, TWG
Glacier-ocean interactions and their impact on Arctic marine
 Completed    2019  CWG, MWG
International Participation in Arctic Futures 2050 Conference: Travel and reception support  Completed    2019  CWG, SHWG
MOSAiC Summer School  Completed    2019  AWG, CWG, MWG
Nunataryuk-T-MOSAiC-APECS Field School “Arctic Coastal Adaptation - Capacity building and knowledge exchange across borders for early career researchers” Upcoming 2019  CWGSHWG, TWG
Support for Improving IASC Working Group, Early Career Scientist, and Indigenous Knowledge Holder Participation in Arctic Council Observer Activities  Completed    2019  AWG, MWG, TWG
The Future of Arctic Fjord Systems Workshop  Completed    2019  CWG, MWG, SHWG
Synoptic Arctic Survey Workshop    Completed    2018  AWG, CWG, MWG


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