Project Summary

The workshop focuses on high latitude vegetation fires and their linkages to environmental change and societal impacts in the Arctic. The workshop will be arranged under PACES, with co-sponsorship from a recently-funded 2M Euro Belmont Forum project “Arctic Community Resilience to Boreal Environmental change: Assessing Risks from fire and disease (ACRoBEAR)” and from the Norwegian Research Council. The aims of the workshop will be to share current state-of-the-art understanding on landscape fire impacts on high latitude climate, ecosystems and air quality, and to explore inter-disciplinary linkages that could help drive forward new research on this topic. 


Date and Location: 

28th March 2022 | Tromsø, Norway ASSW2022


IASC Working Groups / Committees funding the Project:


Project Lead

 Steve Arnold


Year funded by IASC




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