Project Summary

This project is focused on assessing the contribution of reproductive health (RH) and Arctic environmental quality (EQ) on Well-Being (WB) of Kola Sami. Canadian Index of Well-Being (CIW) will be used in our research since it is considered to be unbiased. Scientists from Humanities, Natural Sciences, Medical-Biological & Statistical Science domens will be involved in assessment of RH, EQ and WB. Environment quality will be assessed based upon detection of man-made pollution in the atmosphere, water and soil. This study will assess adaptability of Sami population to changes in environmental quality and reveal the socio-economic processes in indigenous community, which can significantly affect vulnerability in indigenous groups and lead to irreparable loss of their original ethnic culture. Research results can help in developing methods to improve the standard of living & reproductive health of indigenous in Arctic.

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Date and Location: 

17th - 18th February 2022, Russia, Apatity, Murmansk region. Online and in-person


IASC Working Groups / Committees funding the Project:


Project Lead

Natalia K. Belisheva


Year funded by IASC




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