Project Summary

A workshop to advance the international Synoptic Arctic Survey (SAS) effort was held at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA USA on May 15-16, 2019. Fifty-nine scientists and science managers participated in the workshop, including 17 early career and 19 international scientists. The workshop reviewed the scientific goals, planned and proposed cruises in 2020-21 and associated measurements of the SAS as well as expanding studies with the SAS Science Plan. Three focal working groups (Physical Oceanography, Marine Ecosystem, Carbon Cycle and Ocean Acidification) refined the core measurements with synergies emerging between the groups. Additional measurements, both ship-based and from non-ship assets, were endorsed if able to be accommodated without compromising the core SAS measurements. Locations of the SAS transects/tracks were discussed relative to the scientific justification for each, including placement relative to key hydrographic features such as boundary currents and relative to previously sampled transects


Date and Location: 

30th March 2022 | Tromsø, Norway ASSW2022


IASC Working Groups / Committees funding the Project:

Project Lead

Jacqueline Grebmeier


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