RannisThe Secretariat is responsible for the daily operations of IASC. Rannís, the Icelandic Centre for Research, began hosting the IASC Secretariat from January 2017 and has committed to do so until end of 2026.

The Secretariat is based in Akureyri, Iceland. Previously, Germany, Norway, and Sweden served as host countries.


IASC Secretariat Members


Gerlis Fugmann

Executive Secretary

Gerlis Fugmann

Kolbrún Reynisdóttir

Executive Officer

Kolbrún Reynisdóttir

Federica Scarpa

Communications Manager

Federica Scarpa


IASC Dispersed Secretariat Members

The central IASC Secretariat is supplemented by the dispersed Secretariat, drawing support from individuals and institutions in a range of IASC members countries, especially addressing the support for the growing number of activities undertaken by the IASC Working Groups and early career researcher development.


Michael Wood

Secretary, Atmosphere Working Group

Sonja Murto

Michael Wood

Secretary, Cryosphere Working Group

Rosalie McKay

Hiroyuki Enomoto

Secretary, Marine Working Group

Laura Ghigliotti

Anna Varfolomeeva2 1

Secretary, Social and Human Working Group

Anna Varfolomeeva

Gillian Young

Secretary, Terrestrial Working Group

Clay Prater

Michael Wood

Secretary, ISIRA

Yulia Zaika

Stanislav Ksenofontov

IASC Fellowships Coordinator

Stanislav (Stas) Ksenofontov

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