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The 2nd International Conference on ‘Processes and Palaeo-environmental changes in the Arctic: from past to present – PalaeoArc2021’ will be organised by the University of Pisa, Earth Sciences Department, Italyon May, 24-28, 2021. We welcome contributions on the overall theme of the network research programme PalaeoArc that aims to understand past and present environmental changes and processes in the Arctic. In particular, we invite oral and poster contributions on four themes divided in four thematic days:

  • 25 May 2021: Role and dynamics of Arctic ice sheets and ice caps
  • 26 May 2021: Role and dynamics of high latitude ocean and sea ice
  • 27 May 2021: Role and dynamics of terrestrial environment and landscape evolution
  • 28 May 2021: Climate response to, and interaction between, different parts of the Arctic System.

With the University of Pisa as our backdrop, we will invite a number of guests to participate in person (where permissible) to PaleoArc congress at Le Benedettine congressual centre, (University of Pisa) and welcome other speakers from around the world on our digital conference platform. We will start each day at 14:00 CET and finish at 18:15 CET with a combination of live talks and discussions and potentially pre-recorded content relevant to the daily themes. 

The Program Committee will select the winner for the Best Student Talk and Best Student Poster award. To be eligible, the presenting author of the poster must be a full-time student. A special volume of Arctic Alpine and Antarctic Research (AAAR) is planned in conjunction with the PaleoArc2021 conference ( On the registration sheet, applicants will be asked if they plan on contributing to this collection of papers.

Important dates: Abstract deadline: 15 March 2021. Registration deadline: 15 April 2021
More info: PalaeoArc


Date and Location: 

24-28 May 2021 online


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Caterina Morigi


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