The list of projects and activities funded by the Atmosphere Working Group (AWG) is below. In addition, the AWG co-sponsors projects through the IASC Cross-Cutting activities.

For AWG activities before 2016, please browse our online collection of yearbooks, the IASC Bulletin.

The next Call for Proposals for IASC Cross-Cutting and Working Group Projects will be issued in autumn 2023


Project / Activity TitleYear FundedProject Status
ARTofMELT 1st Science Workshop 2024 Upcoming
Regular trace gas and aerosol profile measurements in the Arctic troposphere: a key data gap in constraining Arctic processes and reducing model uncertainties 2024 Upcoming
AWG Steering Group Meeting 2023 Completed
Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment, and Societies (4th PACES Open Science Meeting) 2023 Completed
Third International MOSAiC Science Conference 2023 Completed
The influence of the lower stratospheric polar vortex on cold air outbreaks under climate warming 2023 Completed
CliC/CLIVAR Northern Oceans Region Panel CMIP6 Bootcamp 2022 Completed
Quantifying the Indirect Effect: from Sources to Climate Effects of Natural and Transported aerosol in the Arctic (QuIESCENT) 2021 Completed
2nd ALaskan Pollution and Chemical Analysis (ALPACA) Workshop 2020  Cancelled
Polar Low Workshop 2020 Completed
Arctic Climate and Weather Extremes: Detection, Attribution, and Future Projection 2020 Completed
Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate Environment and Societies (PACES) Workshop 2019 Completed
Winter Polar Vortex: Recent Disruptions and Weather Impacts 2019 Completed


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