The list of projects and activities funded by the Terrestrial Working Group (TWG) is below. In addition, the TWG co-sponsors projects through the IASC Cross-Cutting activities.

For TWG activities before 2016, please browse our online collection of yearbooks, the IASC Bulletin.

The application deadline for 2022 call for proposal for the IASC Cross-Cutting and Working Group Funding is on 31 January 2022 at 15:00 GMT


Project TitleYear FundedProject Status
Arctic Underground II 2020 Completed
Arctic Vegetation Archive 2020 2020 Cancelled
Arctic Underground 2019 Completed
Herbivory Network 2019 Completed
Arctic Vegetation Archive - Arctic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning 2018 Completed
Permafrost Carbon Network 2018 Completed
NeAT ‐ Network for Arthropods of the Tundra 2017 Completed
Polar Wildlife 2017 Completed
T-MOSAiC Workshop 2017 Completed
The Frozen-Ground Cartoon 2017 Completed
An Arctic Vegetation Archive (AVA) 2016 Completed
Circum-polar Arctic Flux Workshop 2016 Completed


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