The list of projects and activities funded by the Marine Working Group (MWG) is below. In addition, the MWG co-sponsors projects through the IASC Cross-Cutting activities.

For MWG activities before 2016, please browse our online collection of yearbooks, the IASC Bulletin.

The next Call for Proposals for IASC Cross-Cutting and Working Group Projects will be issued in autumn 2023.


Project TitleYear FundedProject Status
MWG Strategy Workshop 2024 Upcoming
Enabling Early career scientists to contribute to development of long-term observational efforts in the Arctic Ocean 2023 Completed
Marine Working Group Strategy Meeting - Marine Life 2023 Completed
Enabling Early Career Scientist and/or Indigenous Participation in Internationally Cross-Platformed Research Cruises 2023 Completed
Arctic and Subarctic Ocean Fluxes (ASOF) workshop 2023 2023 Completed
Towards a strategic research plan for Arctic marine research aligned with the UNDOS Arctic Action Plan 2022 Completed
The Capelin: The Canary in the Arctic Environment 2020 Completed
Role of Freshwater in Polar Ocean Climate Change and Global Linkages 2019 Completed
International Symposium on Plastic in the Arctic 2019 Completed
Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) 5th Data Workshop - Early Career and International Support 2019 Completed
The 2019 GRC on Polar Marine Science 2018 Completed 
Polar Marine Diatom Workshop (IASC/SCAR) 2018 Completed 
POLAR2018 Joint Meeting (IASC/SCAR) 2017 Completed 
Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART) Strategic Planning Meeting 2017 Completed 
The 4th Distributed Biological Observatory Data Workshop 2017 Completed 
Ecosystem Studies of Subarctic and Arctic Seas (ESSAS) Open Science Meeting 2017 Completed 
The GRC on Polar Marine Science "Understanding Polar Ecosystem Change Through Time Series Observations, Technological Advances, and Biophysical Coupled Modeling" 2016 Completed 


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