Project Description

Beavers are moving northward and expanding in density in the Arctic. This has the potential to create transformative impacts for earth systems and people. Our second in person Arctic Beaver Observation Network conference will bring together researchers, Indigenous organisations and community members and decision-makers to address some of the pressing questions regarding observation of change and research and how this can support effective management decisions in the context of the rapidly changing arctic. Specifically, we will provide opportunities for knowledge sharing between Indigenous communities, who are experiencing impact of beaver range expansion, knowledge coproduction between researchers and Indigenous organisation representatives and government representatives to identify gaps between research and management and how they might be bridged and research coproduction between Indigenous peoples, researchers, and decision-makers to interweave these knowledge systems to produce effective and actionable research.


Date and Location: 

26th-28th February I Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


IASC Working Groups funding the project:


Project Lead

Helen Wheeler (Anglia Ruskin University, UK) 


Year funded by IASC





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