Project Description 

Arctic youth and early career professionals are the future of the Arctic. Having grown up in a world of global challenges, our next generation has agency in creating positive change. The Arctic will benefit from a close dialogue between Arctic youth and young progessionals working in the Arctic arena. It is thus crucial to foster this exchange among and with them. Therefore, the EU Project Arctic PASSION and the APECS network are organizing a week-long Sharing Circle for early career professionals and Arctic youth in Finnish Lapland in October 2023. The Sharing Circle will drive direct exchange and build connections between Indigenous and local rights holders, Arctic youth, Arctic research experts and early career professionals working with Arctic topics. The venue on the homelands of the Indigenous Sámi allows participants to listen to and to have meaningful conversations with members of the Arctic Indigenous community.

The event is firmly based on co-creation and cooperation. The concept of the Sharing Circle is building on intercultural exchange and two-way learning, as all participants will learn from each other’s perspectives, knowledge and experiences. The Sharing Circle will initiate a dialogue about transdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation in the Arctic on a personal level with discussion rounds, presentations, group work and excursions.


Date and Location

2 – 6 October 2023, Sevettijärvi and Inari, Finland


IASC Working Groups funding the project


Project Lead

  • Lisa Grosfeld (Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany / The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS))
  • Sarah Strand (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway / The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS))


Year funded by IASC





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