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BEPSII is an open international network of polar marine scientists dedicated to investigate biogeochemical and ecological processes in the sea-ice zones. BEPSII members are experts from over 15 countries and at all career stages. A unique network, looking at the coupling between sea ice, ocean and atmospheric processes, BEPSII is a strongly bottom-up organization, tackling the challenges of studying sea-ice biogeochemistry and ice-associated ecosystems. One of the main goals of BEPSII is to train a new generation of sea-ice scientists. As part of their efforts to support ECRs, BEPSII launched an ECR travel award program in 2020 (, which is again being offered in 2024.

The BEPSII ECR Exchange Award aims to support ECRs studying biogeochemical processes at ocean-icesnow-atmosphere interfaces and wishing to collaborate with scientists at other institutions. The main goal is to support in-person collaboration, such as learning new techniques, interdisciplinary research projects, intercalibrations between laboratories, and synergy between research projects (e.g., field campaigns, laboratory experiments, and model development).

As the community of scientists working on this very topical subject is relatively small, the BEPSII steering committee considers the support of ECRs vital to the continuation of high-quality cross-cutting research and training of the next generation of polar leaders. The BEPSII ECR Exchange Award will give young scientists a unique opportunity to expand their research networks and acquire new skills and knowledge across the disciplines.


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Eeva Eronen-RasimusFinnish Environment Institute, Finland


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