Final Project Report

Changing Arctic landscape: what is the Inuit perception? is a documentary project initiated by three women with completely different backgrounds. Flore studies the impact of permafrost thawing on Arctic water resources, Mathilde studies the impact of snow properties on lemmings and Camille is a film-maker. Though, motivated by the same passion for northern regions, Flore, Mathilde and Camille ended up working and thinking together on how to reach public awareness on the impact of climate change in the Arctic. They co-realised a short documentary on the Inuit perception of their territory in a context of climate change.

The film has been shot in Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet), in Nunavut, with the collaboration of this community. The film gathers images of the changing environment and interviews from knowledgeable youths and elders of the community. These persons share their stories, their traditional knowledge, their observations and their reflections on the future of their environment. These testimonies and images are precious message to help raise the voice of Inuit regarding challenges related to climate change and to increase awareness of the public.


Date and Location

2-8 May 2022 I Pond Inlet (Canada)


IASC Working Groups funding the project


Project Lead

Flore Sergeant (Canada)


Year funded by IASC



Project Status





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