Project Summary

“Changing Artic rivers’ behavior: what is the Inuit perception?” is a 20-minute documentary project showing the impact of climate change on Arctic rivers’ behavior from the Inuit communities’ perspective. As rivers are central to the Inuit’s day-to-day life, they are best placed to observe and understand this natural resource. Hence, this documentary will focus on Inuit’s observations and measurements reflecting climate-related alterations.

This initiative:

  • Is an opportunity to collaborate with Inuit communities and integrate their knowledge into academic research through collaborative discussions and field observations
  • Should be seen as a complement to Flore Sergeant’s Ph.D. research which highlights potential relations between changes in Arctic rivers’ regime and permafrost thawing process
  • Is an original and artistic way to increase awareness of the public to the Inuit communities’ perception of climate change and to the challenges related to water resources sustainability.


Date and Location: 

2-8 May 2022 I Pond Inlet (Canada)


IASC Working Groups supporting the Project:


Project Lead

Flore Sergeant


Year funded by IASC




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