Project Description

The “Interdisciplinary Polar Studies (IPS-2023) Modular Meeting: Arctic Amplification-Glaciers-Environment” ( is an initiative of the Centre for Polar Studies granted by the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Poland and planned to have the IASC umbrella and support.

The workshop's primary goal is to strengthen a holistic approach to study and better understand the Arctic environmental changes and their implications under the impact of a warming climate. Preparation of a new generation of scientists for discussing of an interdisciplinary research priorities for consideration by the Fourth International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (IASC ICARP IV – 2025) and by broader participation in the Ocean Decade (2021-2030), both dedicated to the International Polar Year 2032-2033 preparations. In the closer perspective, more intense cooperation in monitoring of landscape and seascape evolution in Svalbard with particular regards to glaciers and other components of the cryosphere intend to be achieved.

The activity is aimed at: the Early Career Researchers and PhD students, experienced scientists; representatives of various business branches; representatives of authorities and non-governmental organizations.


Date and Location

30 August – 4 September 2023 I Longyearbyen, Svalbard


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