Project Description

The workshop will be devoted to discussions of the current understanding of the role of infrastructure within Arctic socio-ecological systems. These discussions will be facilitated by contributions from members of the RATIC initiative, reviewing research findings over the past decade and identifying research needs in the field of Arctic infrastructure studies relevant for ICARP IV. In order to achieve these goals, the workshop will pursue several objectives: 1. Bring together social and natural scientists, engineers, practitioners and Indigenous and other Arctic residents; 2. Review key infrastructure-related research projects and activities since ICARP III, to identify the gaps and needs for new initiatives in the field of Arctic infrastructure studies; 3. Identify scientific goals that can be achieved over the next decade; 4. Present, discuss, and finalize a white paper draft, prepared with contributions from RATIC members and leading infrastructure-focused research groups; and 5. Discuss the future direction of the RATIC initiative, including its mission and goals, and options for establishment of a structured initiative to support international collaboration on Infrastructure-related research priorities.

While the proposed workshop continues a series of IASC-funded RATIC events, it will serve as a platform to present, discuss, and finalize a white paper, reviewing key projects and findings from Arctic infrastructure research conducted since ICARP III and outlining necessary steps to achieve future research goals. It will foster exchange of knowledge among members of an expanding international and interdisciplinary research network working in the field of Arctic infrastructure and those who are affected by infrastructure and climate change interactions. These workshop goals are conceived as an important contribution to ICARP IV (Research Priority 3), culminating at the ASSW to be held in May 2025 in Boulder, Colorado.


Date and Location 

21 – 28 March  | Boulder, Colorado, USA - ASSW 2025 / ICARP IV  


IASC Working Groups funding the project


Project Lead

Olga PovoroznyukUniversity of Vienna, Austria
Howard Epstein, University of Virginia, USA 
Vera Kuklina , George Washington University, USA


Year funded by IASC





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