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At present, rapidly changing atmospheric conditions in the Arctic induce an acceleration of Arctic land-ice mass loss, yielding a significant contribution to sea level rise (30% since the 1990s). This highlights the need for close collaboration between glaciologists and atmospheric scientists, which is key to better understand the role of the glaciers, ice caps and the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Arctic climate system and ultimately reduce uncertainties in future climate and sea level projections.

We propose a cross-cutting activity on glacier-atmosphere interactions, focusing on three main topics:

  1. Atmospheric circulation patterns and the impact on the Arctic land-ice mass budget
  2. Precipitation and snowfall in the Arctic – observations & modelling
  3. Coupling of glaciers and atmosphere in general circulation models (GCMs), regional climate models (RCMs) and earth system models (ESMs)

The activity will be implemented in the next annual meeting of the IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology (NAG; and workshop on the Dynamics and Mass Budget of Arctic Glaciers, to be held in Obergurgl, Austria, 26-28 January 2023. The cross-cutting activity will be in the form of presentation and discussion sessions.


We welcome contributions on all aspects concerning the mass balance and dynamics of Arctic glaciers, including the Greenland Ice Sheet, and that utilize a broad range of methods, including field observations, remote sensing and modelling. In addition to this, the workshop will include a special cross-cutting session on “Glacier-atmosphere interactions in a warming and wetting Arctic”, which aims to provide an inter-disciplinary forum that brings together glaciologists and atmospheric scientists.

Contributions in the form of oral presentations and/or posters are welcome. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes, including discussion. For those who present a poster, time will be reserved in the program to give a short 2-3 minute introduction to the poster.

Please register for the meeting and submit your abstract here [deadline 25 November]:

It is possible to change details (e.g. add an abstract) in the registration form afterwards (until the registration deadline passes). Early registration could be useful if you want to be sure to have a room in the University Center!

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Date and Location: 

26-28 January 2023 I Obergurgl, Austria

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Project Lead

Ward van Pelt


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