The list of projects and activities funded by the Social & Human Working Group (SHWG) is below. In addition, the SHWG co-sponsors projects through the IASC Cross-Cutting activities.

For SHWG activities before 2016, please browse our online collection of yearbooks, the IASC Bulletin.

The next Call for Proposals for IASC Cross-Cutting and Working Group Projects will be issued in autumn 2023.


Project TitleYear FundedProject Status
Blue Justice in and for the Arctic 2024 Upcoming
Decolonising Archives in the Arctic 2024 Upcoming
Towards shared understanding of co-creative and Indigenous-led research for ICARP IV 2024 Upcoming
Podcast Initiative 2023 Closing
Exploring fishers knowledge and opinions in emerging Arctic crab fisheries - An Icelandic case study 2023 Completed
Online representations of the Arctic region 2023 Completed 
Justice in and for the Arctic Workshop 2022 Completed 
Artificial Intelligence-Driven Accelerated Integration of New Immigrants into the Arctic 2022 Completed 
Co-Creating Arctic Research together with Indigenous Rightsholders 2020 Cancelled
Arctic Futures Revisited 2020 Cancelled
Converging Science, Art & Indigenous Knowledge Systems 2020 Completed 
Calotte Academy 2019 Completed 
Northern Sustainable Development Forum 2019 Completed 
Arctic Justice 2019 Completed
Long-term Perspectives of Social-Ecological Systems 2019 Completed 
Permafrost and Pastoral Land Use in Mongolia 2018 Completed
Gender in the Arctic 2018 Completed
Long-Term Perspective on Social-Ecological Change - Current and Future Change, Sustainability and Resilience in the Polar Regions 2018 Completed
Calotte Academy 2018 2018 Completed 
Permafrost dynamics and indigenous land use in the Northern Urals 2017 Completed
Understanding Peace in the Arctic 2017 Completed
Multidisciplinary communication and the governance of evolving global dynamics in the Arctic 2016 Completed
Long-term Perspectives on Arctic Social-Ecological Systems 2016 Completed


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