Project Summary

This workshop during ASSW 2023 in Vienna, experiences of the development of co-creating research projects are being discussed and elaborated in hands-on formats with a special focus on the Indigenous perspectives. We will raise questions such as What are Indingeous and researchers experiences in the co-creation process of the development of research projects? How can this process be improved and who needs to be involved in this (Indigenous communities and organisations, research organisations, funding agencies etc.)? What kind of paradigm change do we need in order to e.g., develop a way how the science community together with funders could be partners with the Indigenous communities in order to support these communities in developing their own research needs? How can we together conduct and co-design research that has greater impacts on societal needs and (global) societal understanding of what is at stake in the Arctic? These and more questions will be tackled in talks, round-table and interactive hands-on formats.


Date and Location: 

ASSW 2023 February 2023 I Vienna, Austria


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Project Lead

Gertrude SaxingerAnnette ScheepstraElle Merete Omma

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