ASSW Logo Blank 3xThe Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) was initiated by IASC in 1999 to provide opportunities for coordination, cooperation and collaboration between the various scientific organizations involved in Arctic research and to economize on travel and time. Over the years the summit evolved into the most important annual gathering of the Arctic research organizations.

The summit is organized by an ASSW International Coordination Group and any organization engaged in supporting and facilitating Arctic research may participate. The International Coordination Group is chaired by IASC and currently includes:

In odd number years, the ASSW includes a 3-day Science Symposium as well as meetings of the participating organizations. These symposia create a platform for exchanging knowledge, cross fertilization and collaboration and attract scientists, students, policy makers and other professionals from all over the world.

In even number years the ASSW includes meetings of the participating organizations and the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS), a high-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and long-term operation of Arctic observing systems.

Upcoming ASSWs: 

  • ASSW 2023 in Vienna, Austria from 17 - 24 February 2023
  • ASSW 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK from 21 - 29 March 2024
  • ASSW 2025 in Boulder, Colorado, US from 21 - 28 March 2024


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