The IASC Marine Working Group (MWG) facilitates international coordination of research in the Arctic marine environment and supports cross-cutting objectives. Annual face-to-face meetings and online communication are used throughout the year, including interaction and collaboration with terrestrial, cryospheric, atmospheric, and social scientists as appropriate. An important goal is to support early career scientists and involve them in international research coordinated by IASC member countries, including an expanded role for IASC Fellows in MWG tasks. Starting in 2023, a network of IASC Alumni Fellows will support IASC and Working Group activities and their current Fellows, and maintain an active network of early to mid-career researchers and collaborators (IASC Fox).

Scientific Foci

The scientific scope of the MWG includes but it is not limited to any marine natural science or engineering research related to the Arctic Ocean and Subarctic Seas. A strategic planning process has been undertaken to guide research and monitoring priorities aligned with international science planning goals such as those identified by the ICARP process and the UN DOS Arctic Action Plan. The identified research priorities are practical areas for international cooperation consistent with the pillars of IASC and the science programmes of its 24 member countries. Five themes have been identified addressing major unknowns that remain to be resolved in order to contribute to an integrated and predictive understanding of the Arctic System and its interactions with the overall Earth System.

These themes, in no specific order of importance are:

  • Marine Life,
  • Sea Ice and Stratification,
  • Disturbances,
  • Biogeochemical Cycles, and
  • Connectivity and Borealization. 

Work Plan

The MWG Work Plan concisely articulates how they will achieve IASC’s vision over 5 years. This plan is meant to help Arctic scientists get involved in IASC activities, and it is expected that it will evolve in the coming years as the MWG continues with its work.

More info in the MWG Strategy Plan.




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