Project Description

Building on previous gender-related workshops co-organised by IASC and the IASSA Working Group Gender in the Arctic, this event will explore the ways in which gender dynamics of living in the North and scientifically exploring the Arctic have been represented and negotiated through diverse media and arts. While previous workshops had a focus on gender-related practices in Northern/Arctic communities and scientific research, the two-day interactive workshop at ASSW Vienna in 2023 will reach out to and engage with scientists attending the conference in hands-on ways. Raising awareness for gender themes, associated problems, but also the richness of fruitful gender-related debates in Arctic society and research is the core of our application. Our activities – workshop, exhibition, and artistic interventions – will enhance the dialogue between research and arts. This fundamentally includes Indigenous perspectives and the involvement of Indigenous actors, be it researchers, artists or other rightsholders. We call for scientific contributions of a broad range of disciplines, including natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. Visual, audiovisual, and performative expressions to be discussed and displayed may include paintings, cartoons, photographs, videos, films as much as maps, ethnographic drawings and illustrated travelogues, dance and performance.


Date and Location

February 2023 (during ASSW 2023) in Vienna, Austria


IASC Working Groups funding the Project


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Year funded by IASC





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