Project Summary

Light is a key mechanism shaping many aspects of the natural world – from ecosystems to individual behavior and physiology. Phases of continuous light and dark during the annual cycle define high latitude systems and physical characteristics of light differ at high latitude across the year. In Arctic systems, however, we have an incomplete and fragmented understanding of how light structures natural processes, and multiple disciplines investigate how light organizes environmental, ecological, and organismal processes. Our aim is to consolidate the knowledge of the role that light plays in Arctic ecosystems and societies by bringing together researchers and knowledge holders in the ArcticLight Network that have experience with marine, terrestrial, human, and cryospheric systems. This interdisciplinary network will lead to a foundation from which we can build a better understanding of the role of light in a rapidly changing Arctic and aid in predictions of ecosystem and biodiversity change for the benefit of society.


Date and Location: 

Online workshop: 10th March 15:00 - 17:00 CET

ASSW workshop: 30th - 31th March 2022  13:30 - 18:00 both days | Tromsø, Norway ASSW2022


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Project Lead

Nicholas Per Huffeldt


Year funded by IASC




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