The International Science Initiative in the Russian Arctic (ISIRA) is a Russian and international cooperative initiative to assist Arctic science and sustainable development in the Russian Arctic.

ISIRA´s objectives include:

  • Initiating planning of multinational research programs that address specific key scientific problems in the Russian Arctic;
  • Providing a forum for linking on-going or planned bilateral projects;
  • Facilitating improved scientific access to the Russian Arctic;
  • Advising on funding and implementation of projects.

The Activities include:

  • Reporting on international science activities and initiatives in the Russian Arctic;
  • Providing up-to-date information on policies, regulations and logistics within the Russian Arctic;
  • Supporting Russian and international early career scientists.

Deliverables are:

  • Comprehensive national inventories of past, ongoing and planned international and bilateral science projects and initiatives in the Russian Arctic;
  • Reports of annual ISIRA meetings, including presentations of IASC supported early career scientists;
  • Information on scientific access to the Russian Arctic.

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