IASC aims to facilitate international and interdisciplinary Arctic science. To meet this aim, it allocates funds each year for Cross-Cutting Activities – activities that are supported by at least two of the five IASC Working Groups (WGs). The objective of this WG-spanning program is to promote system-scale activities within IASC and to encourage the WGs to explore interdisciplinary activities, in particular across the natural and social sciences. In addition, IASC allocates also funds to Working-Group-specific projects. 

IASC is happy to announce that it will support, in whole or part, the following activities for 2023-2024:



Atmosphere Working Group (AWG) 


Marine Working Group (MWG) 


Social and Human Working Group (SHWG) 


Terrestrial Working Group (TWG) 

Updated information about, and outcomes from, these activities will be posted on the IASC website. Further questions on IASC cross-cutting activities should be directed to the IASC Secretariat.


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