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Interdisciplinary long-term observations of the marine climate and environment in the Arctic are challenging. Inter-institutional and international collaboration is therefore needed to optimize resource usage and ensure standardized data collection, processing and distribution. In the Pacific Arctic, the Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO) network has successfully worked towards this goal for more than a decade. Similar systems are being established in the Atlantic Arctic and between Greenland and eastern Canada. Many individual scientists at different research institutions are contributing to these efforts, typically senior personnel with long track records of engagement in observational programs. The three DBOs all plan to follow an annual cycle with spring and fall meetings. The spring meetings take place during the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), allowing for the three DBOs to have joint sessions, exchange best practices and to enhance coordination. The fall meetings are hosted regionally to share field results and discuss future plans. It is important to facilitate participation of early career researchers and Indigenous knowledge holders, allowing them to contribute their perspectives to the planning processes. This proposal will provide funding through an open call to solicit participation in the regional fall meetings in 2023 and the spring meeting during ASSW 2024.


Date and Location: 

  • Fall 2023, Location TBC
  • ASSW 2024 (21 – 29 March 2024), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK


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Project Lead:

Arild Sundfjord (Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway)


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