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This program places early career scientists and/or Indigenous knowledge holders on ships conducting oceanographic research in the Arctic, hosted by the country operating the ship. The host country makes the berth(s) available at no cost, and the funding provided by IASC will support travel to join the ship. The scientists/Indigenous people participating, with preference given to early career individuals, will have salary provided by their home institution/organization. While this will pose challenges for participation by many Indigenous people, it is also expected that there may be some circumstances where financial support from the host country or other sources could be possible. Participants will be from IASC member countries. Because the challenges associated with travel may be significant, we anticipate that this program in 2021 will support 2 guest scientists/Indigenous people, with additional personnel support possible once actual costs are clear. The work plan for the program is to use knowledge of ship platforms and capabilities, planned ship tracks and the chief scientists of the ships to identify specific opportunities that will be satisfactory to both the guest participants and the ship chief scientist


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Lee Cooper (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, USA) 


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