Project Summary

The project initially planned to hold a one-day workshop before Arctic Circle Assembly inOctober 2023 in Reykjavik,funding travel and accommodation for 11 researchers. However,with reduced funding, the plans have changed.The project will organize two panels at Arctic Circle Assembly (from19–22 October2023)addressing how information and disinformation about theArctic region is diffused andexplore solutions to deliver reliable information about the region. Funds provided will assisttwo researchers (one senior, one early-career) covering travel and accommodation. Theresearchers will also access the database onsocial media coverage of the Arctic region tosupport their research and provide them with empirical data for their presentations.These two panels will also bring together other researchers as well as practitioners(journalists, communication experts from different organisations) in order to share insightsand generate a fruitful discussion. A report will be published by the lead researcher, MathieuLandriault, to summarize key findings and to map the road ahead for future collaborationsand areas of research on this topic. The report will be accessible in January 2024 in open-access on the websites of the Observatory on Politics and Security in the Arctic (OPSA) andthe Observatory on Aboriginal Public Administrations (OAPA).


Date and Location: 

19–22 October 2023 I Reykjavik, Iceland


IASC Working Group funding the Project:


Project Lead

Mathieu Landriault (École nationale d'administration publique, Canada)


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