Project Summary

Even now with warmer winter average midlatitude temperatures, there are still major winter cold events affecting the lives and economics of millions of people in eastern North American and Asia and Europe. The connection between Arctic change and midlatitude weather events is a scientific challenge as events appear local, intermittent, and do not occur every year. This has led to ongoing controversy in the atmospheric community. We hypothesize that movement of the lower stratospheric polar vortex to over the North American or Eurasia continents provides a mechanism for enhancing regional cold air outbreaks. The proposed small (10-12 person) workshop is intended for intensive discussion to advance the understanding of this meteorological connection. The workshop will lead to a clearer meteorological explanations and forecasting of severe weather. 


Date and Location: 

September 2023 in the UK


IASC Working Groups funding the Project:


Project Lead

James Overland (NOAA/PMEL, USA) 


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