The Secretariat is responsible for the daily operations of IASC. Rannís, the Icelandic Centre for Research, began hosting the IASC Secretariat from January 2017 and has committed to do so for 5 years.

The Secretariat is based in Akureyri, Iceland. Previously, Germany, Norway, and Sweden served as host countries.


Executive Secretary

Allen Pope

Allen Pope

Executive Officer

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Communications Manager

Federica Scarpa

federica scarpa

Secretary, Atmosphere Working Group

Rui Wang, Polar Research Institute of China

Rui Wang

Secretary, Cryosphere Working Group

Pablo Sánchez Gámez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Pablo Sanchez Gomez

Fellowship Coordinator

Emily Osborne, US NOAA Arctic Research Program

Emily Osborne

Secretary, Marine Working Group

Jeanette Axelsson, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat


Secretary, Social & Human Working Group

Gunnar Gunnarsson, Stefansson Arctic Institute

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Secretary, Terrestrial Working Group and ISIRA

Galina Antonovskaya, N. Laverov Federal Center for Integrated Arctic Research

Galina A