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The Calotte Academy, which has been arranged annually since 1991, has a participatory approach with visits, sessions and ‘hearings’ in several destinations in the European Arctic, across (national) borders (Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Sapmi), with local audiences and expertise. It aims to bring together academics and other experts, policy-shapers and –makers to discuss, debate and brainstorm on relevant global, regional and local issues with an intention of sharing information and ideas, research results and insights, as well as fostering dialogue and creating networks between different stakeholders. In this, the most important method, as well as the main principle of the CA, is to allocate time enough for open discussion and debate (about twice the time than for a presentation).

The theme of the 2019 Academy was “Future Arctic Societies: Scenarios, Innovations, Best Practices & Actors”. In this year, the travelling symposium discussed issues, discourses, innovations and practices relevant for Future Arctic / Northern societies in the context of the global Arctic in Enontekiö, Inari and Rovaiemi (Finland), and Kautokeino, Kirkeneds and Neiden (Norway). These issues were diiscussed theoretically and holistically from inter-disciplinary approaches, and from academic, policy-oriented and business ones, including community development, governance, indigenuity, reindeer herding & tourism, technologies & industries & testing, as well as telecommunications and digitalisation. Discussions were done from the perspectives of past(s), present(s) and in particular future(s), and from those of different stakeholders from indigenous peoples to global business, as well as in global, international, Arctic and local contexts.

Final reports of the Calotte Academy can be found on the Academy’s website.



  • The Calotte Academy is a post-modern academic stage and workshop that fosters interdisciplinary, knowledge(s), and dialogue-building, and implements the interplay between science and politics.
  • This kind of academic forum, as a „School of dialogue“, is a much needed democratic and equal space for an open discussion and dialogue.
  • Based on, and following from, the outcomes of the previous symposia the theme of the 2020 Academy is "New and Emerging Trends of Arctic Governance, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, and Science".


Date and Location: 

12 - 19 November 2019 | Finland, Norway and Russia


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Lassi Heininen


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