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While issues of justice are not new to the Arctic, scholarship on justice and the Arctic is a growing area of interest. Particularly pertinent are applied study areas including those that consider questions of justice related to energy, environment, and climate. Within this emerging scene, there is a danger that the conversation does not result in the righting of wrongs or the transformation of injustices. There is a danger that discussions of justice are merely symbolic, rather than critical and rigorous in their use of the forms, aspects, and realms of justice embedded within the broad scope of justice theory. There are many questions to consider on justice in and for the Arctic, with a landscape so vast it is beyond the capacity of any lone individual to answer. This workshop will bring together a group of scholars to think about the application of theories and grounded approaches of justice to studies of the Arctic. This event will help to formalise, embed and deepen the already existing Arctic Justice network, increasing capacity for scientific collaboration through the exchange of information and knowledge flows, creating links between scholars across the circumpolar Arctic.


Date and Location: 

Reykjavik, 17 October 2022 

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Corine Wood-Donnelly

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