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An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven English language prototype App has been developed for delivering holistic information relating to integration services among new immigrants from the global south to Finland. The research tests the efficiency and effectiveness of the App in complimenting integration services offered by the local authorities in Finland’s Helsinki region. The survey uses interviews and focus group discussions to gather data and process information. The AI-driven integration will increase the visibility of IASC among the academic fraternity and draw the attention of scholars and policy makers in Finland that are working on the immigrants’ issues and their integration. The mental health and well-being of the immigrants is prioritized in order to increase their productivity in the Arctic region and accelerate their individual and collective ability to settle well. The AI-driven App is a solution to overcome the disruptions caused by unforeseen events such as the Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in the suspension of integration support and services to immigrants in Finland in 2020. The App is a self-paced algorithm-driven solution that bridges the gap between what the authorities offer through their staff and what is necessary but is seldom covered.


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Frank Ojwang

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