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Encouraging early career scientist participation in IASC activities such as the annual Arctic Science Summit Week is a key priority for broadening participation in the work of IASC. One of the Marine Working Group (MWG) funding decisions made following the ASSW 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic was to commit to providing support for early career scientists to attend the POLAR2018 meeting in Davos, Switzerland in June 2018. The MWG supported in part the travel of 10 early career scientists (ECS) to attend POLAR2018 as well as one additional ECS to attend the MOSAiC Science Implementation workshop in Potsdam, Germany in May 2018. The support for ECS participation was based on a MWG initiative to develop a scientific session in Davos on the topic of “Productivity, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Shifts at Cryosphere-Ocean Boundaries,” which grew out of cross-cutting discussions within the MWG. These discussions had concluded that the consequences of sea and glacial ice changes upon biological activity were key priorities for study. Identification of potential ECS to be supported was based upon contact made with ECS contributors to that session and expanded in discussions with MWG members and IASC fellows. Presentations in several POLAR2018 sessions were ultimately made, and feedback from the ECS almost universally lauded the opportunities for networking and building international collaborations, as well as the chance to present scientific findings.


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23 June 2018 | Davos (Switzerland)


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Lee Cooper, Monika Kendra


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