Project Summary

Capelin is a short-lived, cold water, pelagic species that occurs in numerous discrete populations throughout the circumpolar Arctic region. This workshop will focus on the capelin stocks in the following Sub-Arctic regions (i) Barents Sea (ii)waters around Iceland–East Greenland–Jan Mayen (iii) the Newfoundland–Labrador Shelf (iv) Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. In the recent years, a decline in the capelin population, and a shift in the spatial distribution at all life stages has been observed in all Sub-Arctic systems. Thus, the overarching goal of this proposed activity is to revise and expand our knowledge base on the capelin biology, ecology, and roles in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic ecosystems, by establishing an international network of experts involved in capelin research in the region.


Date and Location: 

10th -13th October 2022 | The Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway.


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Samuel Subbey, Warsha Singh


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