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The latest and greatest on permafrost carbon science was presented in 18 science speed-talks to an audience of 120 scientists at the 8th Annual Meeting of the Permafrost Carbon Network. Many of these brief presentations laid the foundation for nine breakouts in the afternoon during which details for data collection, spatial data representation, analysis procedures, people to involve, and timelines were discussed.

For each of the breakout topics, we will provide a summary and timeline for members of the Permafrost Carbon Network, and we will host follow-up discussions via web-communication over the course of 2019 to ensure synthesis progress. During the meeting, we also highlighted the contribution and role of the Permafrost Carbon Network to the upcoming 2019 ‘Arctic Futures 2050’ conference that will identify needs of scientists and decision-makers and improve the dialogue between science and policy.



  • Reduce uncertainty in carbon pools in permafrost and upscale carbon stocks in Arctic river deltas.
  • Build a decadal-scale time series of ecosystem-atmosphere arctic/boreal carbon exchange through synthesis.
  • Identify thaw-induced changes to the permafrost microbiome.
  • Improve visibility and outreach opportunities on permafrost carbon to the public and decision makers.


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9 December 2018 | Washington (USA)


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Christina Schädel


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