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The Critical Zone (CZ) is the living skin of our planet, extending from the top of vegetation canopy through soil and groundwater to unweathered bedrock, and it represents the life-support system of terrestrial ecosystems. Currently, climate and land-use change, soil erosion and water/air
pollution affect the CZ in complex and disrupting ways. The Arctic, in particular, is changing at high pace, with temperature increasing much faster than the global mean, leading to drastic changes in the cryospheric components and the ecosystems. The goal of the workshop "ID:34 The Arctic Critical Zone under threat: processes, fluxes and challenges" at IASC ASSW is to collect the results of the initial activities of ACZON, to further develop and extend them, exploring the possibilities for a longer-term endeavor and support network activities.


Date and Location: 

October 2022  |  Pisa



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Project Lead

Antonello Provenzale CNR, Italy 


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