Project Summary

The purpose of this initiative is to gauge the interest of Greenlandic residents and scientists in co-developing an interdisciplinary, long-term terrestrial monitoring network in Greenland with the goal of supporting local community interests. Recent infrastructure development, the Arctic Circle ATV Road, now connects two important hubs in the Qeqqata municipality of West Greenland, the towns of Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut, providing the necessary infrastructure support for the establishment of such a monitoring network. Spanning between periglacial and coastal environments, this region is characterized by strong climatic gradients coupled with unique geological and biological diversity. While new stations monitoring permafrost and climate are currently being established along this transect, complimentary biological monitoring is missing despite its potential importance to local communities and stakeholders. Prioritizing the interests of Greenlanders, we plan to organize meetings with local community leaders, hunters, and residents in both Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut to initiate an open dialogue, gauge their interest in this project, and begin to establish trust and meaningful relationships. We also plan to meet and discuss the potential establishment of this network with Greenlandic and international researchers working in West Greenland, governmental representatives, and other stakeholders.


Date and Location: 

TBC |  Kangerlussuak and Nuuk, Greenland 


IASC Working Group funding the Project:


Project Lead

Clay Prater (Oklahoma State University, USA / Loughborough University, UK)


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