Project Summary

The proposed workshop will bring together international experts from atmospheric sciences, meteorology, ocean, and sea ice. It will systematically examine detection and attribution of Arctic extreme events in the context of interactions among climate system components within the Arctic and between the Arctic and Earth System. The workshop will also identify where knowledge gaps exist. Further, the recently conducted international field campaigns YOPP and MOSAiC from 2018-2020provideunique opportunities to systematically observe the coupled Arctic climate system in the new, rapidly changing state. Integrations between observational data analysis, theoretical study, and model simulations in the workshop will help identify model discrepancies for improving model physics and, in turn, enhance our ability to model and predict extreme event.


Date and Location: 

15th - 20th May 2022 / Aspen, Colorado


IASC Working Groups / Committees funding the Project:


Project Lead

Xiangdong Zhang, Annette Rinke, G.W.K. Moore, and Timo Vihma


Year funded by IASC



Project Status

Spring 2022



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