Ilya Abramov P1300728 minThe IASC Social & Human Working Group (SHWG) is now receiving proposals for consideration for funding in 2020-21. All proposals will be fully discussed and considered at an online SHWG meeting in September (date TBD).

All funds allocated by IASC in 2020 should be spent before or at ASSW2021.

The proposal template is here:

Please note that while proposals do NOT have to be submitted by SHWG members, all proposals should be discussed with SHWG leadership/membership before submission. When you prepare your proposals, please consider how the activity relates to the SHWG scientific priorities here:, and the IASC Strategic Plan here: For details of previous actvities, see here:

Support for IASC grantholders during COVID-19.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) changing circumstances, we understand that you might need to change your plans. We understand you need to follow COVID 19 directives in your regions in planning and we want to be flexible about changes to your project.

We also understand that COVID-19 may have changed the needs of Arctic communities, research priorities, and how we reach out to regional and community partners. Your proposal can (and is encouraged to) reflect on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. And finally, it should be pointed out that reimbursement for non-travel related expenses can be requested.

If you are thinking about a proposal, please be proactive in seeking consultation!

The deadline for proposal submission is 20 August 2020. Please submit completed template via email to

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