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Workshop on the Dynamics and Mass Budget of Arctic Glaciers & the IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology Annual Meeting

Where: Geilo (Norway) | When: January 20-24, 2019

The meeting will take place at Bardøla Hotel in Geilo, Norway, 20-24 January 2019, and host a cross-cutting activity of the Marine and Cryosphere working groups of IASC: “The importance of Arctic glaciers for the Arctic marine ecosystem”. The meeting is open to anyone interested in Arctic Glaciology and proglacial marine ecosystems. The cross-cutting activity aims at bringing together people from glaciology, marine ecology and oceanography - more details below.

You can register and submit your abstracts (maximum length 300 words) by filling this online-form (copy paste the following link into your web browser:

Registration deadline is October 31, 2018. Indicate whether you prefer oral or poster presentation and if your presentation is a contribution to the cross-cutting activity. If you have questions, e-mail Thorben Dunse.

Travel support is available for early-career scientists (up to 5 years past PhD), prioritizing those that wish to contribute to the cross-cutting activity. For further info on travel support, cross-cutting activity and workshop logistics visit the IASC-NAG website.


Effects and Extremes of High Latitude Dust

Where: Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI), Keldnahold, Reykjavík (Iceland) | When: February 13-14, 2019

High latitude dust (HLD), originating from cold high latitudes (≥ 50 °N and ≥ 40 °S) affects the cryosphere, oceans, air quality and safety, and in Europe both the High Arctic and the European mainland. Extreme HLD related events include unexpected, unusual or unseasonal events with exceptional magnitude, duration, severity, or extent, such as most severe wind erosion events, storms, dust storms, snow-dust storms, heat waves, cold weather, and extreme snowfalls, for example.

Jointly organized by the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI), and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), together with the IceDust Association, this workshop will bring together high latitude dust scientists to present and discuss all aspects of effects and extremes of HLD. The workshop aims to networking and interaction. More information on the workshop, including session topics will be announced soon.

Early career scientists (registered PhD students or PhD degree gained within 5 years) are encouraged to apply for the IASC travel support when submitting a presentation. Two ECS presentations will be selected for travel cost support of 750 eur (reimbursement based on receipts, further instruction for will be provided when the selection will be announced).

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Prof. Joanna Bullard, UK, the first-author of "High‐latitude dust in the Earth system"

Register Here. We welcome your registration (by 11 Jan 2019), and your submissions for talks (by 30 Nov 2018) and posters (by 11 Jan 2019).
You can access the final announcement here, and a preliminary agenda is here

Organizing team: Outi Meinander (Finnish Meteorological Institute, contact: ), Pavla Dagsson-Waldhauserova (Agricultural University of Iceland, contact: ), together with IASC members of Halldór Björnsson and Guðrún Nína Petersen (Icelandic Meteorological Office), Kent Moore (University of Toronto), Joan Nymand Larsen (Stefansson Arctic Institute), and Lassi Heininen (University of Lapland), and in co-operation with the IceDust Association, Iceland


MOSAiC Final Implementation Workshop 

Where: Postdam (Germany) | When: 11-15 March, 2019

More information will be provided soon


The 2019 GRC on Polar Marine Science

Where: - Castelvecchio Pascoli (Italy) I When: 16 - 17 March, 2019

The Gordon Research Seminar on Polar Marine Science provides early career scientists with a unique opportunity to further enhance their Gordon Conference experience. The goal of this conference is to bring together graduate students and postdocs within all fields of polar marine science, including marine biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and technology to discuss interdisciplinary links and provide a basis for future collaborations. We especially encourage contributions that demonstrate interdisciplinary research approaches within and linking across the domains of atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, and benthos, including links to ice shelves, coasts, and human interactions.

For more information on the workshop including session topics please check the website

Application deadline: February 16, 2019


QuIESCENT Arctic Workshop on Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Where: Cambridge (UK) | When: April 4-5, 2019

IASC is pleased to announce that the Atmosphere Working Group-sponsored PACES Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Workshop is now accepting applications. The QuIESCENT Arctic workshop (Quantifying the Indirect Effect: from Sources to Climate Effects of Natural and Transported aerosol in the Arctic) will take place on 4-5 April 2019 at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK – details and application instructions can be found at

Application deadline: 7 Dec 2018


ASSW 2019 - Arkhangelsk, Russia; 22-30 May, 2019

The ASSW 2019 will be held in Arkhangelsk, Russia on 22-30 May 2019. Theme is “Climate Change and Human Development in the Arctic.” More information will be available soon.


ASSW 2020, including 5th Arctic Observing Summit - Akureyri, Iceland; March 27- April 2, 2020

The ASSW 2020 meetings will be held in Akureyri, Iceland, from March 27 to April 2. The ASSW will have four major components: an International Science Day (March 27 - joint between the Arctic Council & IASC communities), the business of ASSW members (March 28-30), the Arctic Observing Summit (March 31-April 2), and numerous side-meetings of Arctic organizations and projects. Most of the ASSW events will take place in the facilities of the University of Akureyri. Hosted by the Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannís, and the University of Akureyri, the ASSW 2020 will be an important part of the Icelandic Chairmanship in the Arctic Council.


ASSW 2021 - Lisboa, Portugal; 19-26 March, 2021

The ASSW 2021 will be held in Lisboa, Portugal on 19-26 March 2021.