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MOSAiC Final Implementation Workshop 

Where: Postdam (Germany) | When: 11-15 March, 2019

A MOSAiC implementation workshop will take place from March 11th to 15th 2019 at AWI in Potsdam, Germany. The workshop is the last big meeting before the MOSAiC expedition will start in September 2019 and therefore, focuses on the implementation of the expedition. The workshop will be a major step in further planning MOSAiC logistically. The agenda will include all aspects of logistics, experimental highlights, data management, teams (atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, biogeochemistry, ecosystem, remote sensing, aircraft) breakout sessions, cross-cutting implementation, media and outreach. In addition, the meeting will start with a modeling day, which aims to update and coordinate MOSAiC-related modeling activities, both among modelers and with observationalists. On the one hand, this will cover the model-data connection with respect to weather, sea-ice and coupled forecast and data assimilation. Otherwise, the topic bridging the observations with process modeling and the link to larger-scale models is on the agenda. Potential plans for coordinated forecast verification and model evaluation will be discussed.
For questions, please contact Dr. Anja Sommerfeld from the MOSAiC Coordination Office ()

More information on the workshop including session topics will be find at MOSAiC website


The 2019 GRC on Polar Marine Science

Where: - Castelvecchio Pascoli (Italy) I When: 16 - 17 March, 2019

The Gordon Research Seminar on Polar Marine Science provides early career scientists with a unique opportunity to further enhance their Gordon Conference experience. The goal of this conference is to bring together graduate students and postdocs within all fields of polar marine science, including marine biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and technology to discuss interdisciplinary links and provide a basis for future collaborations. We especially encourage contributions that demonstrate interdisciplinary research approaches within and linking across the domains of atmosphere, sea ice, ocean, and benthos, including links to ice shelves, coasts, and human interactions.

For more information on the workshop including session topics please check the website

Application deadline: February 16, 2019


QuIESCENT Arctic Workshop on Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Where: Cambridge (UK) | When: April 4-5, 2019

IASC is pleased to announce that the Atmosphere Working Group-sponsored PACES Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Workshop is now accepting applications. The QuIESCENT Arctic workshop (Quantifying the Indirect Effect: from Sources to Climate Effects of Natural and Transported aerosol in the Arctic) will take place on 4-5 April 2019 at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, UK – details and application instructions can be found at

Application deadline: 7 Dec 2018


ASSW 2019 - Arkhangelsk, Russia; 22-30 May, 2019

The ASSW 2019 will be held in Arkhangelsk, Russia on 22-30 May 2019. Theme is “Climate Change and Human Development in the Arctic.” More information will be available soon. Website:


ASSW 2020, including 5th Arctic Observing Summit - Akureyri, Iceland; March 27- April 2, 2020

The ASSW 2020 meetings will be held in Akureyri, Iceland, from March 27 to April 2. The ASSW will have four major components: an International Science Day (March 27 - joint between the Arctic Council & IASC communities), the business of ASSW members (March 28-30), the Arctic Observing Summit (March 31-April 2), and numerous side-meetings of Arctic organizations and projects. Most of the ASSW events will take place in the facilities of the University of Akureyri. Hosted by the Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannís, and the University of Akureyri, the ASSW 2020 will be an important part of the Icelandic Chairmanship in the Arctic Council.


ASSW 2021 - Lisboa, Portugal; 19-26 March, 2021

The ASSW 2021 will be held in Lisboa, Portugal on 19-26 March 2021.