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Prof. Edward Hanna of the School of Geography lead-organised an international research workshop on Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance - links between observational data and computer model simulations. This included some of the world-leading scientists working in this area. There were two keynote talks: Prof. Tony Payne (University of Bristol) spoke on "Challenges in making useful projections of the future sea-level contributions of ice sheets," while Prof. Andy Shepherd (University of Leeds) gave a very timely rundown of "Satellite observations of ice sheet mass balance." The latter talk was based on a major new research paper on Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance, 1992-2017, that Prof. Shepherd had lead-published in the journal NATURE the previous day. Other talks included the effects on ice sheets of limiting global warming to 1.5degC above pre-industrial levels by 2100 - an unlikely outcome but one that is highly relevant to study for an upcoming interim report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

For more information please see the workshop website.



  • Review recent observational estimates, and their related uncertainties, of ice sheet mass balance (including surface mass balance, basal melting and solid-ice discharge components) and their response to climate change, and to reach a consensus on the magnitude of current ice-sheet contribution to sea-level change.
  • Review recent improvements in ice-sheet modelling and the use of updated mass-balance observational datasets in ice-sheet models.
  • Disseminate this improved understanding both to other researchers and also to policymakers and the general public.


Date and Location: 

15 June 2018 | Davos (Switzerland)


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Edward Hanna


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