Project Description

The objective with this funding will be to produce and set up an exhibition on Arctic Permafrost at the EU-parliament in Brussels in autumn of 2023, telling the story of thawing permafrost and its impacts on our global environment as well as for the local communities. The exhibition is based on the forthcoming Arctic Permafrost Atlas, which is an open access print and digital publication (est. publication date April 2023) that will highlight the state-of-the-art knowledge about permafrost science, both physical and social. The atlas is an output of the Horizon 2020 Nunataryuk project in cooperation with several international organizations and in a partnership with the International Arctic Science Committee and the International Permafrost Association. Designed and written for a non-scientific audience, it will feature a collection of over 70 unique maps and graphics about permafrost, including pan-Arctic and regional maps, drone imagery, infographics, and hand-drawn illustrations. By supporting the exhibition celebrating the publication, IASC is helping to bring state-of-the-art scientific information to the non-scientific community, including policy makers, to learn more about permafrost in the Arctic.  The exhibition will be available for presentation at other venues.   


Date and Location 

Autumn 2023 I Brussels, Belgium


IASC Working Groups funding the project


Project Lead

Tina Schoolmeester (GRID-Arendal)  


Year funded by IASC





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