On the 35th anniversary of IASC in 2025, the occasion presents itself to sponsor our fourth International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP IV). 

The ICARP IV process during 2022 to 2025 must be well planned and coordinated with other ongoing international activities. ICARP IV will identify important research questions and priorities that cut across disciplines and knowledge systems, and that require new and innovative thinking and collaboration. ICARP IV will develop a vision for implementation and science plans for addressing these priorities. An integral aspect of the ICARP IV will be the inclusion of early career scientists (in collaboration with APECS), Indigenous Peoples, and local residents in the development of priorities and science plans to address the key questions.

The ICARP conferences have always been well-planned and well-executed events that allowed Arctic researchers, policy makers, residents and stakeholders from around the world to meet to collegially discuss the state of Arctic science, the place the Arctic occupies in global affairs and systems, and to consider the most urgent knowledge gaps and research needs that lie before us. The outcomes of ICARP I, II, and III have demonstrated that drawing the attention of the world’s researchers to critical problems can result in accelerated progress and far greater achievements than would be possible through uncoordinated efforts.

More information on ICARP IV and how to contribute will be available starting end of May 2022.


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