Data are central to the mission of IASC. IASC promotes cooperation in all aspects of Arctic research and seeks to act as a scientific and moral authority that promotes the freedom and ethical conduct of science. In this spirit of open collaboration, the IASC Council endorsed a new Statement of Principles and Practices for Arctic Data Management.

The document asserts that all IASC-endorsed scientific results shall be verifiable and reproducible through ethically open access to all data necessary to produce those results. Data should be made fully and freely available with minimal delay and with only limited ethical, not proprietary, restrictions.

Data shall be professionally preserved and readily accessible as described in data management plans, which are required for all new IASC projects. It is also important to re-cognize the intellectual effort that goes into producing and maintaining good data. IASC encourages fair attribution and use of data and strongly promotes the practice of data citation.

Download "IASC Data Statement"

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