IASC presidents join ExCom 2011At their meeting in Sidney, Vancouver Island (Canada), the IASC Executive Committee was joined by Fred Roots, the very first IASC President from 1991 until 1993. Today, Roots acts as a Science Advisor Emeritus for Environment Canada. The IASC Executive Committee operates as a board of directors and manages IASC’s activities between IASC Council meetings. It consists of five elected officials: the President and four Vice-Presidents, and the Executive Secretary. The committee meets twice a year to discuss and evaluate science initiatives, look at new opportunities for international cooperation, prepare the agenda for IASC Council meetings and review the budget.

In the photo from back to front, from left to right: Volker Rachold (Executive Secretary), David Hik (President), Sara Bowden (Executive Officer), Fred Roots (former President), Susan Barr (Vice-President), Jackie Grebmeier (Vice-President) and Byong-Kwon Park (Vice-President).

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