The IASC Atmosphere Working Group will hold two mini-workshop in conjunction with the WCRP Open Science Conference in Denver in October. The mini workshops will take place on Sunday, October 23.
The first is a workshop on polar predictability/arctic amplification and will include people from WCRP and other interested organizations. The focus will be on the development of a large arctic amplification workshop co-sponsored by WCRP in early 2012. The leads for this workshop are Jim Overland and Hiroshi Tanaka.
The second workshop is on the development of a drifting ice station experiment. The focus during this workshop will be to sum-up the outcome of the AIDA-R Workshop being chaired by Klaus Dethloff and held on September 26-27 in Potsdam, Germany.
The day will end with an open meeting of the Atmosphere WG. All workshops and meetings are open to the public. Interested people are encouraged to attend, but advanced registration is requested. Please contact Sara Bowden if you plan to attend.

The Workshop Agenda

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