The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council, the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA), and the Sustaining Arctic Observing Network (SAON)  in cooperation with the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) are excited to announce the recipients of the 2022 IASC Fellowship Program. 

Eight successful early career researchers were identified from 72 applicants for all available fellowships. APECS very kindly coordinated the application and review process; recommendations from APECS based on the review process were delivered for final selection to the IASC Working Group Chairs and Secretariat, the SDWG Secretariat, as well as the IASSA and SAON leaderships. The reviewers were impressed by the excellent quality of the applications. 

The 2022 IASC Fellows are: 

  • Thomas Lloyd Webb, Atmosphere WG (United Kingdom) | Expertise: Coastal Climate, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, Climate Modelling
  • Wai-Yin Cheung, Cryosphere WG (Canada) | Expertise: Glaciology, Photogrammetry, Cross-culture studies
  • Henrieka Detlef, Marine WG (Denmark) | Expertise: Paleoceanography, Sea ice, Geochemistry
  • Seira Duncan, Social & Human WG (Finland) | Expertise: Anthropology, Indigeneity, Eurasia
  • Daria Burnasheva, Social & Human WG / Indigenous Fellow (Russia) | Expertise: Arctic, Indigeneity, Gender, Identity, Social and cultural dimensions of climate change
  • Kabir Rasouli, Terrestrial WG (Canada) | Expertise: Cold Regions Hydrology, Landcover Change, Snow, Mountain Hydrometeorology

The 2022 SDWG-IASSA-IASC Fellow is: 

  • Silja Zimmermann (Netherlands) | Expertise: Arctic Indigenous food systems, Co-production of knowledge, Sustainability transformations

The 2022 SAON-IASC Fellow is: 

  • Christina Goethel (United States) | Expertise: Benthic ecology, Sediment oxygen respiration, Benthic-pelagic coupling

The IASC Fellowship Program provides the opportunity for early-career researchers to become involved in leading-edge scientific activities at a circumarctic and international level, to build an international network, and also to develop management skills. 

The IASC Fellows engage in the work of the IASC Working Groups (WGs): Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Marine, Social & Human, and Terrestrial. Since 2020, IASC has expanded its Fellowship Program to include space specifically for Arctic early career Indigenous scholars by awarding one additional IASC Indigenous Fellowship per year. The Indigenous Fellow can choose which IASC WG to get engaged in. 

At times, IASC also offers special joint Fellowships in cooperation with other partners. 

  • SDWG-IASSA-IASC Fellowship: This fellowship offered for the first time for 2022 encourages an early career scholar to participate in and contribute to the work of the Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG) of the Arctic Council. The Fellowship will enable the recipient to get involved in the process of making research relevant for policy and contribute to policy recommendations.
  • SAON-IASC Fellowship: This fellowship offered for the first time for 2022 by the Sustaining Arctic Observing Network (SAON) and IASC to support an early career researcher to get involved in the work of SAON.

The next round of applications will open in October 2022. 

More information about the IASC Fellowship Program can be found here.

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