Members of ISIRA Group have published the article in the recent issue of the “The Arctic Herald” journal ( "The Arctic Herald” is Russia's only informational and analytical magazine that regularly presents the views of the Russian Federation on a wide range of Arctic issues: politics, economics, ecology, infrastructure, and transport development, and the situation of the indigenous population.The magazine, published since early 2012 at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and with the support of the Russian Geographical Society, as part of its target audience includes politicians and senior officials who shape the policy of the northern states in the Arctic, representatives of the business community and academia involved in the study or development of the North, as well as regional leaders. Articles in the journal are published both in Russian and English languages.

The latest issue was disseminated at the Arctic Council’s SAO meeting in Salekhard, Russia in December 2021. The authors tried to take a self-reflective look into the past, the historical pattern of the group (starting documents back to 1990-es), and the current trends of some bilateral science initiatives in the Russian Arctic and internationally.  As conclusive remarks, authors highlighted that nowadays changes observed within the socio-ecological systems of the Arctic, as well as the responsible governance of this fragile region require important and critical needs for scientific research in the Arctic at this time and there is a hope that the continued work of ISIRA, as well as efforts for intergovernmental cooperation at the Arctic Council level, will pursue to bear fruit.

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