With a renewed Letter of Agreement (LoA) IASC and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) again confirm and underline the importance of synergy between both organization in polar and bipolar research. The first LoA, signed in July 2006, was designed to enable the two organizations to make a more effective contribution than they might otherwise make to the success of the International Polar Year. SCAR and IASC agreed to combine their efforts in selected fields and activities so as to raise the level of impact of both organizations in terms of making scientific advances and of advising policy makers - for example of the likelihood and likely effects of climate change -, as well as to avoid duplication. With the present letter SCAR and IASC agree to continue this partnership, taking into account the development of both organizations during the last five years and the lessons learned from the IPY 2007/2008.

A copy of the LoA can be downloaded on the IASC website under the section "partners" and "formal agreements".

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