The IPY Education, Outreach and Communication (EOC) Assessment Project has launched a catalogue presenting over 500 IPY education and outreach programs and activities. The catalogue provides access to a wide range of activities varying from large-scale international outreach projects to IPY inspired classroom projects.
Since the closure of IPY in the spring of 2010, the coordinators of the project, Jennifer Provencher and Jenny Baeseman, have been collecting information on education, outreach and communication projects that occurred during IPY 2007-2008. They collected survey responses from over 200 activities and have information on more than 500 education and outreach programs. All these efforts are now assembled in the online catalogue.
Visitors can browse and search the catalogue, allowing those interested in certain topics, target audiences, activities, certain countries etc. to narrow down the results to reflect their interest.

The catalogue is an important outcome of the “Education and Outreach Lessons from IPY” project that was awarded by the International Council for Science (ICSU). It is an APECS initiated and coordinated project with support from the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and IASC.

The searchable database is available online under:

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